Making New Things, Smarter
New Tinxs is Custom, IoT Solutions

new Tinxs

New Tinxs is
Custom, IoT Solutions

New Tinxs is an Industry 4.0 technology incubator. We pioneer hyper-secure, custom IoT devices and cloud services that can be integrated with your existing enterprise systems and applications. Our cloud solutions can be fully managed, public or private, and based on your needs and policies. And, since every IoT solution is inherently a “Big Data” project, we focus on developing products and services that provide enterprises with exponentially actionable insights.

We Make New Things

When we dream big, and have the courage to pursue dreams to wherever our imaginations take us, good things happen. At New Tinxs, we dream about improving communications between people, machines, and systems. We want to make our machines and systems simpler, and smarter. Simpler and smarter communications will help people to connect to each other, and to the world we live in. We want to make new things. This is why we create groundbreaking products and services in the IoT space—to advance the global, mobile community forward.

“They did not know it was impossible so they did it” – Mark Twain

How Do You Get There?

Things are changing fast across the Industry 4.0 landscape. Sensor data and Wi-Fi usage analytics create layers of intelligence and opportunities for disruption and innovation. Succeeding in this new landscape requires reimagining and re-mapping your business processes. New Tinxs works with many organizations to develop a complete IoT strategy. We’ll take a holistic look at your current state, where you want to get to, and identify the technology infrastructure that will help you get there. If the technology is already available, we can propose off-the-shelf products for your business. If it isn’t, we will work with you to design and build your own custom IoT solutions.

New Tinxs believes that all things are possible when surrounded with the right people—people with the curiosity and courage to create new things.


We Build Partnerships

We are always looking for new partners—companies with the energy, ideas and expertise to work with us, from concept to market. New Tinxs has relationships with many international companies including R&D, operators, open-source developers, software and cloud services providers, and Big Data experts—partners that work together with us to bring the next new thing to light.

Check Out
These New Things!

The “Managed Wi-Fi” cloud service, allowing operators and other businesses to offer free, sponsored Wi-Fi to their employees, customers, or venue guests. Wifinxs creates an endless array of marketing opportunities for B2Bs and B2B2Cs.

The revolutionary all-in one enterprise-grade mobile router and customizable sensor hub. Linxs combines hyper-secure connectivity with multi-dimensional IoT analytics.

We develop LoRa and NB-IoT devices and services. Take a look at Wally—our IoT device for observing bike commuting and tracking bikes in case of theft.

The revolutionary portable 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot that gives tourists and citizens Wi-Fi access without international roaming charges, and creates a new way for cities to promote events and information.